Sunday, April 25, 2010

come together right now

this could be war. has launched a guerilla marketing campaign
which will be used to "create a buzz" by slapping stickers
on cars, magazines and people.
i loved the stickers until i spotted the one that states:
"the contents of this magazine
have already been blogged
about 3 months ago,
save your money and read"
in a period where magazines are struggling to stay
afloat due to the rise of digital media,
the ad
will run in close to 100 magazines this year
stating that "during the 12-year life of google,
magazine readership actually increased 11 percent"
and that
"people aren't giving up swimming,
just because they also enjoy surfing."
you go magazines.
even though i am a blogger and love the cool hunter,
i simply cannot imagine life without magazines.

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